Edinburgh Famous People

Edinburgh is known for its impressive castles and rich culture as well as heritage. On the other hand, Edinburgh is also a home of some of the most notable personalities in the world. These personalities are not just received the accolades of their countrymen but also worldwide. Read on this article to know some of the leading personalities in Edinburgh.

Prime Minister

Edinburgh is certainly one of the most well-known places in the world wherein it is not just recognized for being a top tourist destination and spot but also a birthplace of some of the most notable individuals in the world, which are known for their individual contributions in the world whether it is on arts, music, sport, entertainment, technology and even politics. Edinburgh famous people are also considered as the role models of Scottish people. This is because they have shared their talent and abilities in the world. With these individuals in Edinburgh, it makes this as more interesting part of the country. So if you are planning cheap removals Edinburgh you may be interested in some facts about its most famous residents.

Most Famous Residents

  • Alexander Graham Bell

    One of the well-recognized personalities who were born in Edinburgh, Scotland is Alexander Graham Bell. He was born on March 3, 1847 and he was known for being the world's leading scientist, inventor and linguist. Alexander Graham Bell was also known for his contribution in the world of telecommunication as the main inventors of telephone technology along with his work to provide the best communication for the deaf. His contribution in the world is considered as one of the best inventions of the century, which has helped to improve the communication. He is considered as one of the most successful citizens of Edinburgh.

  • Eduardo Paolozzi

    Another famous individual in Edinburgh is Eduardo Paolozzi born in Edinburgh on March 7, 1924. He was a known sculpting collage work in combining various surreal elements of pop culture as well as technology, which lead for recognizing him as the inventor of popular art. Eduardo Paolozzi is recognized on working on art and abstract relief. His work is the collection of clippings from magazines.

  • Tony Blair

    Tony Blair is also one of the most famous people who born on Edinburgh, Scotland on March 6, 1953. Blair was a leader of British Labor Party (1994-2007) and Britain's Prime Minister (1997-2007). Tony Blair also recognized internationally for his efforts to make the world a better place.

  • Sir Walter Scott

    He was born on 1771 on Edinburgh, Scotland, he was a known poet and novelist in the country. As one of the recognized authors in Scotland as a master storyteller, his work is cited as very influential to the history of Scotland. As a matter of fact, his work entitled The Heart of Midlothian is considered as the greatest novels in history of Scotland.

  • Shirley Manson

    Manson was born in Edinburgh in 1966, wherein she had her education as well in Edinburgh. She is an actress and musician who are also known international as the leading singer of the band "Garbage". She also did several movies and television shows in U.K as well.

  • Alex Arthur

    Alex Arthur is also one of the most notable personalities who was born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1978. Arthur is an international professional boxer. He was a former WBO super featherweight champion, European Boxing Union and Commonwealth and British boxing expert.

  • JK Rowling

    Another top novelist who was born in Edinburgh in 1965 is J.K. Rowling. Rowling is very popular for his best work for the most successful novels in recent time the Harry Potter. Harry Potter is such a great success novel, wherein it was even leveled to the silver screen.