Transport and Driving experiences in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is truly one of the most interesting cities to visit. It is an excellent opportunity for you to be able to visit an attractive city in Edinburgh. When you visit Edinburgh, the transportation is also one of the most important thing that you have to remember because how can you locate the place if you don't have a lift. Transport and driving experiences in Edinburgh is something that you need to know if you are planning moving to Edinburgh, buying house in Edinburgh or you are interested to travel and visit this magnificent city. Edinburgh is one of the premier cities in Scotland that is known for attractive castles and breathtaking sceneries that you cannot compare to other areas in Europe.

Driving by car

Get in Edinburgh

If you are planning to get in or enter Edinburg via road, it is very possible by driving through various motorways or routes. If you are from Glasgow then you can take the M8 motorway route or M9 from northwest from Stirling. M90/A90 route is an ideal route if you are from northern Scotland, Dundee or Perth. M702/M74 route if you are from north-western England and Carlisle. Travelers from London may take the M1 motorway as well as the A1, which only consist of 8-9 hours of driving time.

Driving in Edinburgh

On the other hand, keep in mind that Edinburgh is not a car-friendly Scottish city for the reason that there are several one-way streets especially the layout of Old Town roads, which will surely cause parking issue. That is why before you decide to drive in getting in the city, it is very important if you can also try to get the best driving tips from the people who already experienced it. Make sure also that you have to have the right driving license before you enter Edinburgh. One must keep in mind also that every city has its own rules and regulations when it comes to traffic. It is very important for a tourist to understand the local traffic or road rules or else, one cannot have the chance to enjoy the experience in the city because of the traffic violation.

Do I Need a Car to Roam Around?

It is not a necessity to take a car while you are roaming around within the city for the reason that most of the tourist attractions in the city especially in Old and New Town, it only requires 15 minute walk, while you walk, it would not be difficult for the reason that the atmosphere is very elegant and attractive. On the other hand, there are also several hills that you need to navigate like the Edinburgh Castle and The Mound, you might experience some pain afterwards but it is a worthy experience that you must not miss.

Travelling by rail

Public transport in Edinburgh

The public transport system of Edinburgh does not have an excellent one as compared to London or other cities in Europe. However, riding on bus to navigate the city is also an experience that you must not forget to. Despite the traffic jam that you might experience, it is still an excellent chance for you to enjoy the sceneries within the city.
There is other transportation within Edinburgh that you may need as you discover the beauty of the city along with its neighboring cities like Bathgate, Broxburn etc. There are buses that you can depend on when it comes to the destination that you want to reach. Trains, tram and taxi are also an excellent means of transportation while you are in Edinburgh.

In conclusion, even though Edinburgh does not have an outstanding transportation and driving experience, walking is one of the best options for you to experience the beauty of Edinburgh. This is something that makes your trip in Edinburgh more memorable.